• Private label manufacturing



    We provide manufacturing of functional chewing gum as an original business, corporate gift or promotional item or product fulfilling your needs and we also provide marketing support for your own private label functional chewing gum.

    Every chewing gum we make is product of room temperature manufacturing method – to ensure preservation of the active substance in the final product. Despite the higher costs, it is only right method of production value-added chewing gum.  There is no adverse effect during the manugfatruing process at high temperature. We use the same method they use for manufacturing oral tablets for medical purposes, where is the preservation of active substances absolutely crucial.

    The cheaper method usually used by other companies where the temperature rises up to 120°  unavoidably leads to depreciation of added active substances. Not even speaking of following cooling.









    Full service private label manufacturing  of your desired value added chewing gum containg any thinkable substance and any flavour from A to Z:

    • consulting
    • samples manufacturing
    • value added chewing gum manufacturing at room temparature
    • blistering
    • private labeling full service
    • EU  EFSA (food quality) certification


    4 milestones of quality control









    We carry out regular quality supervision throughout the manufacturing process in the 4 following milestones:

    1) periodic supervision of our suppliers technical facilities
    2) quality control of extruded gum (gum powder)
    3) numerous quality controls during  the manufacturing process
    4) final testing of the finished product



    We apply a quality management system that is in accordance with the system of critical control points (HACCP). The system analyzes the manufactory process critical steps and processes that may affect product quality respectively adversely affect the health of consumers.

    The production quality – GMP

    The whole manufactory process including all related processes strictly follow specific rules defined by the State Institute for Drug Control. These rules can be found as collective file called Good Manufacturing Practice.

    Our complete manufactory process is also subjected to analysis of a wide spectrum of chemical and microbiological properties. For these purposes we use a laboratory accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation which is a member of the international accreditation organizations EA, IA, ILAC.


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