• History


    Chewing gum has been trough a few significant developments over the last few years. From “ordinary” chewy material with added sweeteners became carrier of values to effective medium for distributing almost any active substances to the human body. Namely the chewing mechanism enables molecules immediate natural entry into the bloodstream where it can deliver antioxidants, minerals or even vitamins and other substances.


     The first predecessors of functional chewing gum appeared in Japan where the chewing became a trafition especially among the old generation. Probably the first functional additive was chilli extract which is a natural supplement conducive to weight loss.


    The current chewing gum global market (not only due to value added chewing gums) is constantly growing. Over the past 5 years has grown by 5% – consumption of functional chewing gum increased by 8% and nowdays represents almost 15% of the market in total. Value added chewing gums are most popular in the country of chewing – USA.









    Speaking of history of chewing gum for interest – the oldest mentions about chewing gum are dated back to 7000 BC located on the present territory of Turkey. Total chewing gum production (anually) on planet Earth in 2015 stopped at incredible 1 trilion 740 bilions.  The average person chew out roughly 280 chewing sticks per year. The largest chewing gum bubble that has been ever inflated when measured  had a circumference of 58.5 cm.



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