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    People chew chewin gum and their former version for more then thousands years. Chewing was proven in long time period we can say there is hidden much more than just a fresh breath. A huge amount of evidence that chewing is healthy exists within the medical studies of renowned research institutes and universities. Sadly, general public does not know much about  benefits of functional chewing gum yet. What is difference between traditional chewing gum and value-added chewing gum?


    Functional gum can be understood as a medium which allows the transmission of health beneficial substances directly into the human body. Functional chewing gums include healthy additives  such as minerals, vitamins or amino acids. Nowdays  we are able to add almoast any desired substance into the functional gum. Currently the most popular  additional substances  include:

    fitness chewing gum

    • fitness gum contains caffeine and taurine
    • instant energy intake thanks to a dose of caffeine comparable to a one cup of espresso
    • increases concentration and lowers reaction time

    diet chewing gum

    • diet chewing gum contains Garnicia cambogia which contains hydroxycitric acid and L-carnitine
    • helps degradation of cholesterol and healthy fat metabolism
    • significantly reduces the food appetite


    sport chewing gum







    anti-stress chewing gum

    • Anti-stress gum contains vitamin B12 and L-theanine
    • eliminates anxiety, improves mood
    • enhances cognitive ability and concentration
    • increases sleep quality


    girl playing with chewing gum







    3 times lower price compared to dietary supplements
    Thanks to much more effective absorption in the oral cavity value added chewing gums don´t need that much active substances and compare to conventional food supplements you save 2/3 costs for daily intake.
    5 times faster absorption of active substances compare to oral tablets and other oral forms of dietary supplements
    Absorption of active substances in the buccal cavity is more efficient and 5 times faster than through the degestive tract. Absorption of active substances becomes a matter of minutes rather than several hours.


    30% increase in attention simply by chewing
    Chewing itself can improve your mood and helps to decrease stress. The fact that chewing increases blood flow to the brain which is directly associated with increased attention has been scientifically proven many times in the past.  Recent studies on this subject took place in 2009 by Dr. Andrew Scholy, director of the Center for Human psychopharmacology at Australia’s Swinburne University. Specific details how actually chewing  improves attention are still a bit of mystery to scientists, but anti-stress effects are according to Scholey´s conclusions are probably associated with decreasing  level of cortisol hormone during chewing.


    About 67% decrease in a feeling of hunger and stress
    There is another  study from the University of Eastern Illinois  based on the fact that stress culminates  when you start to feel hungry. The process of chewing is probably likely to ” turn off” some “brain food alarms” so the body won´t start to realise stress hormones. Because of this you can better relax too. Furthermore, according to a study from the University of Rhode Island, where participants chewed during the morning time, they ate on average about 67% fewer calories then the rest of the participants.
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