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    Tailor made production of function chewing gum

    Tailor made development and production of function ­ enriched chewing gum.

    Thanks to our qualified team of specialists with many years of experience, we are able to produce chewing gum with any effective substance and any flavour.

    We produce this chewing gum with a special technology, allowing to add active substances to the chewing gum without thermal degradation.

    Functional chewing gum is a new generation of chewing gum and modern supplement of food that goes with the trend of healthy and quality food.
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    What are functional chewing gums?

    Functional chewing gum ­ pastille is modern enriched food and food supplement in a form of chewing gum that contains beneficial effective substances for human body like vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and extracts with positive effect on functions of human body or influencing them in other positive way.

    In case of functional chewing gum, the carrier of functional substances is the special chewing gum.

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    How is the chewing gum produced?

    Compared to classic chewing gum, this kind of chewing gum is produced with special technology in a cold, which allows adding of active substances to the chewing gum without thermal degradation. A temperature close to absolute zero (0 degree kelvin) is achieved at the certain cycle of production of this chewing gum. This registered technology of chewing gum production allows to produce chewing gum with maximal added value.

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    Why are they exceptional?

    They contain effective substances and sweeteners that are absorbed through the oral cavity thanks to the chewing gum. The effective substances are gradually released during the first 5 minutes of chewing.

    The effective substances do not go through the digestive organs, which is why a maximum amount of them is absorbed durectly to the blood system.