• Free Production Capacities

    20 Mar 2016 info@chewing-gums.com Comments Off on Free Production Capacities

    Výroba žvýkaček

    The company offers, as a contracted producer, free capacity for production of chewing gum ­chewing pastilles from smaller series up to mass production. We are able to realize single order from 200,000 pcs of chewing gum including delivery fo requested packaging with your graphics and name. We deliver the final product intended for further sale […]

  • Chewing Gums Distribution

    20 Mar 2016 info@chewing-gums.com Comments Off on Chewing Gums Distribution

    The production­business company GP novum Ltd. based in the Czech Republic is looking for a proper distributor to increase distribution of functional chewing gum “Strong working gum” that has achieved significant successes in several European states with this new generation of chewing gum ­ chewing pastilles. The company owning the registration and trademark offers to […]